Thursday, January 13, 2011

Do NOT try this at home

Seriously....I am NOT encouraging anyone else to try this, but I think I need to share what I did yesterday.

I cleaned a pan - stop rolling your eyes! This is scarier than it sounds....I cleaned a nonstick griddle with an SOS pad and a big hunk of steel wool scouring pouf thingy (sorry, I really don't know what it's called but it's made of soft-ish metal and you use it to scrub things that won't scratch easily)

I forgot to take a picture before I started, but I think you can imagine what the pan looked like.....See the black in the middle of the pan, the whole thing looked like that before I started. The pan was "clean" but the black build up from years of using cooking spray and too high of heat was really bugging me.

So I started scrubbing
I moved the pan to the counter beside the sink so I'd have a more solid surface...then I hit my head

If this cabinet didn't hold all my cups and glasses it would have been ripped off the wall after I hit my head on it...the 3rd time!! You would think I'd learn not to lift my head there, but NOOOO I just kept doing it...Ouch!!
I ended up using some BarKeeper's Friend - if you don't know what this is, you really need to check it out it's non-abrasive and helps keep my pans (the non-gunky ones) and sink shining!
I also grabbed an SOS pad for a little extra fine scrubbing.
Then, after about an hour of scrubbing this is what I got it down to
I HAD to stop scrubbing, not because of any harm to the pan....the non-stick coating actually still looks perfect, but my arms were on FIRE!!! That was a lot of scrubbing! I figure I'll have one more good session with the srubber and it should be back to nearly new.

I really would not recommend this method, but I was at the point I was going to throw the pan away if I couldn't get the black stuff off. If I had ruined it, it wouldn't have been a loss.....instead I saved one of my favorite pans. YAY!!! We can still have pancakes and quesadillas!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year = New Attitude

For nearly 6 years now, Brad and I have been trying to have a baby....we're still trying. Sometimes all our trying (and the disappointments that have come along with it) lead me to having a bad attitude. I've decided that this is the year it's going to change. I know it won't be easy but instead of the sorrow, disappointment and bitterness that can seem to infiltrate my attitude I'm going to strive for something better.

This year I want to be


OK these obviously reach farther than our infertility, but they are all attributes of the person I want to be. I hope that I am some of these things already....but I know that I have a long way to go.

I have a lot of fun posts and pictures to catch up on....sorry if this got a little heavy, but it's been weighing on me and I just wanted to share a little piece of my heart with ya'll.