Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Time to catch up....from this weekend anyway

I don't even know where to start! I have SO much to say! Just this week alone I have had about 452 things happen that I could share.....Here are a few (crummy) pictures of the high-(or low-, depending on your perspective) lights of the week.

 It's Christmas time so I had to make a few gifts like this's going to someone special. I hope they like it. I'll try to get a better picture when I make the next one.....and there will be more, it was so simple and came out really cute!!

 If you are what you eat then my cat is probably at least half dog...or dog food anyway....she ended up all the way in the bag! I guess she was hungry!

 We had this guy show up on our porch Saturday....I talked to a neighbor, who told me he had been hanging around a different neighbor's house and that neighbor was "trying to shoot him because he (the dog) went after him" I was a little nervous so I called in the cavalry....Jamie to the rescue! She has a Rotty of her own and so I figured she would know more what was normal behavior and what I should be worried about.

I spent some time with him, I cannot imagine him "going after" anyone unless he was provoked! We named him just a couple minutes after I snapped this quick picture.  I was going through, trying to decide how to keep him fed and cared for when we travel (most campgrounds and trailer parks don't allow Rottweilers) when we decided he should meet our other 2 dogs....that didn't go well....AT ALL!!!! He couldn't stay :( it broke my heart! I'm actually not a fan of animals I don't know, but this guy looked up at me with his one good eye and instantly wormed his way into my heart. It took all of about 5 minutes to realize I was his and he was mine. When someone new would stop by he would look at them and come sit on, yes ON, my feet.  He went to live with a friend of mine who is giving him a great home, and yes, I cried when they left with him. Is it stupid to miss a dog that I had for 3 days?? Oh well, I miss him anyway!

 After getting Bear (the Rottweiler) settled in the barn, Jamie and I went out to wrap up some Christmas shopping. Typical me, I came home with more craft ideas than actual gifts....I mean really, how am I going to pay for a rectangular pillow with strips of fabric sewn to it....I'm pretty sure I can whip this up in about 20 minutes!
 This is another one....It's a pot protector for when they are stored in the cabinet...I'm thinking I need a set for the camper, but seriously! It's a piece of felt cut into a flowery shape!! I can do that! And I have a stack of felt at home.....I'm NOT paying $12 for them!!

Sunday, Jamie, Josh and their girls came to the house to hangout with Bear and I again. Their middle daughter decorated my Christmas tree for me....she was quite concerned there was only 1 ornament on it. I was glad to let her do it....I just hadn't had the mood strike me yet to get the ornaments out. She did a fabulous job!! It looked wonderful!

Then I fell asleep on the couch and was awakened at 3am by a HUGE crash......the tree fell over!
There was busted glass and glitter EVERYWHERE!!! I even found pieces of glass up on the couch. Crazy!
I decided that we just aren't going to have a tree this year....we'll be ok.....right???

Yeah....we all know better! I NEED a tree! I didn't want to replace the crappy broken stand with another crappy stand, so I'm in the process of building a "tree" out of a glass jar, tomato cage and garland. I'll show you as soon as it's done. It's small, a little lopsided, but it's going to be enough this year!