Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our visitor

As I walked into the kitchen this morning to start a pot of coffee something out the window caught my eye. It was this guy. Sorry the picture isn't great I took it through the kitchen window. I tried to sneak onto the porch to get a better one, but he heard and me headed to the woods. I was so hoping he'd hang out and let me get a couple more good pictures. I'm not too worried though, he'll be back soon.
As you can tell in the pictures fall is definitely here. All of a sudden we have leaves all over the yard and the trees are starting to look bare. Our summer's been so dry that the "experts" say that the leaves probably won't change color, they'll just fall off.....I'm VERY glad to see they were wrong. Our colors aren't as dramatic as they usually are, but they are still beautiful.

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