Friday, December 3, 2010

More Christmas Crafting

I'm reluctant to even call this a craft, but it's my favorite new Christmas decoration....and I kinda made it.

Sorry the picture is sideways....just turn your head to the side and it looks right. I don't know what the problem is I just can't get it turned upright - sorry. Anyway, all I did to make this totally awesome tree was pick up a felt cut out tree from the Dollar Tree (greatest store ever!!) and use a little glue (I used my scrapbooking roller tape) then stuck it onto a tall glass candle holder - if you don't already have one they sell them at Dollar Tree. Eek!!! I LOVE looks great on our entertainment center.

These are a couple of the owls that I'm making for all the kids in the family....I love these guys....I think they are SUPER cute! I might even have to make a couple for myself.
On the stuffed animal front, I also made this snake for my super cute little nephew. I know, I know it's not sewn up yet in this my Grandma would say "it's all done but finishing"

These are the start of a couple other gifts that I have started....of course these are ones that I can't really give any details about since they are for people who might be checking in here.

Hope your Christmas crafting is going well....As of tomorrow we have 3 weeks to finish, wrap and deliver all our crafty gifts.

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Jenilee said...

I LOVE the owls! :) I am a big fan of owls!