Friday, December 17, 2010

North to Alaska!

YAY!! The bulk of my Christmas crafting/shopping is done and on it's way to our Alaska family. It's always such a relief when I get that Christmas box mailed out. All I have left to do is 17 stuffed owls, 5 wreaths, 1 set of placemats, and another market skirt...did I mention making chocolate covered pretzels, turtles, baking cookies, the church Christmas program, one shopping day with a good friend and getting ready for Christmas dinner? I think I can handle it!

Hope you're all making lots of progress on your to-do lists too.


akmarple said...

Ms Donna saw a package addressed to me. She didn't tell me who it was from but I figured it was you. It should be here before Christmas! I can't wait to see what you made me. Good luck getting everything else done. Don't stress too much.

Brad and Rachel said...

I think it was from me....She was in the post office when I dropped off your box. They said you should have it Tuesday or Wednesday